Fall semester at Ohio University I took a film photography class through the art college. I have to say the way artists look at creating photographs is so much different than what I've been used to in my commercial photography classes. 


It's definitely been enjoyable and something I want to continue practicing. For me, creating an analog image from start to finish is such an interesting process. The results aren't as technically perfect, but there's so much more craft and labor into these photographs and I find that very enjoyable. 



It's my senior year at Ohio University, and it's about time I took an analogue photography class. Most of my peers were able to take a similar class in high school but unfortunately my school didn't offer that. 

I have been loading my film in the trunk of my car (the only light tight space during the day) and developing film in my bathroom for a few years, but I wanted to become proficient in the craft of print making. 

Here are a few scans of prints that I made on my first assignment. 

Photographed with my Yashica-Mat EM on TriX 400. Printed on Ilford RC Semi Gloss.